The Goddesses & YOU

Your Path of Personal Growth

When you are on a path of personal growth, there are no limits as to how far you can go…

We all need role models to show us what is possible for us to thrive and be the best we can be.

I created the practice of Devi Yoga so women could connect with the most epic role models of empowerment for women: Goddesses from around the world.

When your divine feminine fire awakens, you feel alive and happy and filled with hope.

The Practice of Devi Yoga

We practice 15 different yoga postures, each which honors a specific Goddess from a tradition to help us remember the qualities they symbolize within ourselves.

For example, the pose to honor the Goddess Durga reminds us that we have strength in the moments when we feel weak. The pose to honor Lakshmi reminds us that a blessing can come to us in any moment, often when we least expect it. This pose teaches us gratitude for blessings to come.

With each posture we learn a meditation, mudra and mantra, which connects us even more deeply to the intention of the pose. In Devi Yoga, we learn a posture to honor each Goddess from the variety of traditions below.

From the Indian Tradition:

Durga: Courage and you can triumph.
Lakshmi: Blessings, Prosperity, Opportunity… for you to thrive.
Saraswati: Divine knowledge to have the right guidance to know what is best for you in your life.
Kali: The power to let go of what no longer serves so you can focus on what does serve.
Radha: Love of the highest order..because it is the highest energy of the universe! Learn how to love more and better. In this picture you see her with her beloved, Krishna.
Sita: The ability to nurture and care for yourself and others. Mother earth connection. Healing from the inside out.
Parvati: Love, devotion, strength, empowerment…like the energy of a Queen…develop much greater reverence for yourself as a sacred being.

Tibetan Tradition:

Dakinis: The ability to dance with life. Learn to be more adaptable and flexible..because life is easier when we can do this.
Green Tara: Compassion and Forgiveness…the world needs this now more than ever.
White Tara: Health and Protection…so you can live out your highest purpose.

Chinese Tradition:

Kuan Yin: Compassion and Forgiveness. (We need this in double doses, which is why we work with Green Tara as well).

Egyptian Tradition:

Isis: High Priestess…an icon of divine truth. She helps us remember our divine truth so we can be authentic in our lives.
Sekmet: Lioness known as a warrior and healer…she helps us find strength to move forward and to heal.
Hathor: Joy…this makes living life so much sweeter.

From the Greek Tradition:

Aphrodite: Divine Love…this sensual Goddess reminds us that we are too.
Athena: Empowerment and Wisdom…in these times of women rising, Athena reminds us wisdom is key. Empowerment results when we work from wisdom.