Dr. Alexina Mehta’s bio

Dr. Alexina Mehta encountered yoga and meditation at the age of 14 through her uncle and hasn’t looked back. Interestingly, her great grandfather, R.B. Lal Singh Mehta was on a team who discovered the oldest written book ever found on earth so far, called the Diamond Sutras. The book teaches about enlightenment and compassion which have been an inspiration in her passionate pursuit to understand what creates healing and peace.

Now with 17 years of teaching experience, she joyfully brings her training in multiple disciplines within holistic health to her yoga offerings. With a degree in Human Kinetics and as an award winning Naturopathic Doctor in Canada with extensive training in energy medicine, her approach to yoga takes into consideration the totality of the human being. She is also currently studying Transpersonal Psychology and continues to study Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. Her background in Pilates and Dance of several years brings forth a precision in her approach to yoga and a strong emphasis on core strength..in body and mind.

She has experience speaking to thousands on subjects of integrative health, natural medicine, women’s wellness and the connection between spirituality and health. She has run hundreds of events, classes, groups in topics ranging from weight loss, cleansing, stress management, chakra balancing, plant remedies, women’s empowerment and women’s health, for example. Devi Yoga is an expression of all of her work: a harmonization of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life. The intention is to empower each to access their innate healing potential and connection to the divine and to rise up in health and happiness, in the richness of the feminine human spirit.