Awakening your Divine Feminine
Fire to THRIVE

DEVI is a sanskrit word (from ancient India) and is the feminine form of the word Divine. It also means Goddess. The purpose of Yoga is to honor the sacred nature of life fully…in each moment we are alive. The action of yoga is to… connect to our inner most selves- through listening. To listen, so we can become the best version of ourselves. The point of empowerment is become the best version of ourselves. In 2012 in Vancouver BC, Canada, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama said: “The world will be saved by the western woman.” It seems, His Holiness was alluding to the power of the divine feminine and the voice she has to honor, honor and honor again and again, the sacredness of that which gives us all life: The Great Mother.

Spiritual traditions from across the planet speak of the divine feminine spark..the same spark that gives life. In Devi Yoga, we awaken and embody this spark.

To create peace in this world, we need to return ourselves back to balance internally. It is the only way. Then, we will see the world around us change. Each one of us can be an agent of peace by learning how to connect to the power of the feminine and allow her to guide us on our sacred path, back to harmony and peace.

The Great Goddesses remind us of this power. True power is learning how to allow yourself to be guided from Love, Peace and Harmony. This is the work of these times. Devi Yoga shows us how.